Terms and conditions



  • Orders are delivered within the perimeter of the urban areas of the city and areas that are safe to operate according to the transport company
  • Orders are not delivered at an exact time. There are different delivery times during the day and they depend on the anticipation the orders are made.
  • Products can be received by any relative or person of legal age who lives or is at the  delivery address or by security personnel at the concierge service at apartment buildings  where names and signatures will be registered for subsequent confirmation.
  • In case it is not possible to deliver because there is no authorized person, the order will be returned to our warehouse. A sales person will get in touch with the client to inform the situation and to organize a new delivery date which will have an additional cost.  
  • In case there is no complaint about the order at the moment of the delivery, the client has 24 hours after receiving the order to notify any inconvenience. After this time, complaints will not be accepted.
  • If at the moment of delivery the client does not accept the order due to circumstances beyond the control of the company the cost of the order will not be returned under any circumstance.
  • If at the moment of the delivery the addressee requests a new address for the delivery but the order has already left from the warehouse and it is on its way, an additional cost will be charged since there is an additional travel.
  • There is no shipping cost as long as the delivery address is located within the perimeter of the city the purchase was made for. It does not apply for principal cities where the delivery address is far from the downtown area or areas surrounding the city. It does not apply to nearby towns as well. In this case, there is an additional cost that will depend on the distance and the coverage of the transport company. This cost can be discussed by contacting our customer service department, or after the purchase has been made a sales person will get in contact with the client to inform the cost and the payment methods for this additional service. Keep in mind that these additional costs can apply for small or far cities where it is even possible not to offer any service. 
  • Characteristics of the products are subject to change without previous notice depending on availability and in order to meet the delivery time requested by the client. 
  • Our products are perishable or living things, in the case of plants. For this reason, in the case of flowers we do not accept returns after 24 hours the order was delivered. And in the case of plants after 2 days the order was delivered. Remember a plant is a living thing and its life depends on how it is taken care of.


  • If the client requests an order annulment, the following conditions must be considered:
    1. The order can be cancelled if it is requested a day before the delivery time. In this case, the total or partial amount of money will be sent back to the client depending on the payment method. Bank fees will be discounted if necessary. 
    2. If the client requests a cancelation the same day of the delivery a partial refund may be possible. In this case, the cost of the materials and the bank fees will be discounted.



  • If the product was paid by credit card, money will be refunded to the same credit card within 15 working days after the withdrawal is accepted. Reversion times depend exclusively on the client’s bank.
  • If the client uses any of the payment gateways of our website, the refund will be done by using the same payment gateway. The time of this transaction will be given by the corresponding payment gateway policies. 
  • If the client uses a Colombian payment method (banks, Nequi, Daviplata), the refund will be sent once the cardholder sends the required documents, such as Colombian I.D and a bank certificate. The refund will not be sent to any account different from the one used for the purchase. 


  • If the client receives a product different from the one shown on our website, it will be necessary to contact our sales staff via WhatsApp or using our telephone numbers to find a solution in every particular case.
  • The client must send pictures of the product to our mail [email protected] or to our WhatsApp stating the reasons for the complaint within 24 hours after receiving the order.  
  • As soon as our staff receives the requested documents and they are verified, the client will receive an answer within 24 hours, and a compensation will be provided accordingly.  
  • If the client does not send the requested photographs, the complaint will not be considered.


  • Thanks for visiting our website Flowers Colombia (https://www.flowerscolombia.net/), operated by FlowersColombia.net. We respect your privacy and your personal information.
  • Our Personal Data Use and Protection Policy explains how we collect, use and (under specific conditions) do not disclose your personal information. This privacy policy also explains the measures we have taken to ensure your personal information. Finally, this privacy policy explains the procedures we follow on collection, use and dissemination of your personal information. 
  • Data Use and Protection is a matter of trust and privacy and that is why it is important to us. Therefore, we will only use your name and your personal data under the terms and conditions established in our privacy policy and only in order to successfully fulfill the task that has been entrusted to us.


  • Same day delivery is possible if the order and the bank transaction are confirmed and received via mail, WhatsApp or bank deposit before 3 p.m. from Monday to Friday; and before 11:30 a.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
  • Orders received and confirmed after 3 p.m. (Colombian time) will be processed and delivered the next day.   
  • If you purchase a product any working day after 3:01 p.m. this order will be processed the next day and depending on the destination it will be delivered the next day after the order is confirmed and approved.
  • Plants, preserved roses and some products of our portfolio, as indicated in the description, have different delivery times (not same day delivery). In some cases and depending on the city of delivery they may require from 1 to 7 days to be delivered. To coordinate these times, please contact us and our sales staff will provide information for every particular case.

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